How to Draw a Camel Step by Step

How to draw a camel will be told in this article! The camel is a one or two-humped mammal called the “ship of the desert”! In dry periods without water, he “eats” fat from his humps and thus feels great in the desert!

Those who have tried to ride this large animal or have seen it in the zoo, do not need to tell what a camel looks like. But if your child has not seen it in person, offer to draw the giant together. Drawing, in parallel, you can tell fascinating stories.

Drawing a camel is fascinating and the main thing is to listen to our recommendations! For example, these Camel live in the desert. That they are one-humped and two-humped. They live up to 40 years and weigh about 700 kilograms. They grow 2 meters high. Combining drawing and storytelling, you can spend time together with your baby in a very interesting way. Creative success!

Let’s immediately start drawing the camel!

How to Draw a Camel Easy

How to Draw a Camel


  • Pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Piece of paper;

Step 1


Draw two crossed auxiliary lines in the centre of the sheet of paper. From them, we will start drawing all the main details.
Then, with a slight shift to the right from the centre of the intersection of lines, draw a large oval. It will serve as a torso.

How to Draw a Camel

Step 2


The head can also be drawn as a small oval. Draw it in the upper left corner of the sheet.
How to Draw a Camel

Step 3

In these instructions, we demonstrate how to draw a camel with a single hump on its back. Draw a circle above from the centre of the torso oval.
How to Draw a Camel

Step 4

Erase the lines
Now you can erase the auxiliary lines. They will no longer be needed. As a result, you get the head and one-humped body of the animal.
How to Draw a Camel

Step 5

The neck is not as long as the giraffe’s, but it is not short either. Connect the head and torso with two thin curved lines.
How to Draw a Camel

Step 6

In the first stages, as a rule, all the details are sketchy. To give the correct shape, you need to transform the contours of the figures into smooth curves. Erase unnecessary lines with an eraser.
How to Draw a Camel

Step 7

The camel is a parnohoofed animal. Draw the two hind legs first. Start drawing only the upper parts of the limbs (up to the knees).
How to Draw a Camel
Then, the two front upper parts of the legs.
How to Draw a Camel
They should be shaped as in the drawing.
How to Draw a Camel
Draw the lower parts. They are thin and flat.
How to Draw a Camel

Step 8


It remains to add only hooves to complete the limbs.
How to Draw a Camel

Step 9

Head shape

It has an elongated shape, with a high forehead and a large mouth.
How to Draw a Camel

Step 10

Eyes and ears

The ears of the animal are small. The eyes are large, with long eyelids that protect them from desert sand and dust.
How to Draw a Camel

Step 11


The body is covered with short, curly fur. In some parts, the fur is longer.
How to Draw a Camel

Step 12


Draw a thin little tail and you can consider the drawing complete.
How to Draw a Camel

Step 13


You can use the finished drawing as a colouring book for your child. Choose the necessary colours together with him and get started. Also, we have online colouring of one humpback on our website.

How to Draw a Camel

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