How to draw a cute dog

How to draw a cute dog many kids and their adult parents ask this question!They have been known as man’s best friend. What creature fits this description? None aside from the dog.
Would you prefer to draw you very dog? Whether you’d like to sketch a cute cartoon or draw a part of your pet, we have got the drawing tutorials to you.
Below, you’ll discover a set of the most exceptional dog drawing guides to be found online. Learn how to draw dogs that are sitting, standing puppies, cute dogs, dogs that are idiotic, and quite a few dog breeds and cartoon characters.
All you may need for a lot of these simple, incremental tutorials are a part of a paper and a pencil, pencil, or marker. Some tutorials utilized manual lines — lines lightly but erased until the drawing is finished. For all these tutorials, use a pen with a fantastic, excellent eraser.
A few of the tutorials also instruct sealing techniques. What’s more, dogs come in many different colors — ranging from white, black, and brown to shades of crimson, golden, and grayish blue — which means you can also need to use crayons, colored pens, markers, or paints to finish your drawing.

How to draw a cute dog(chihuahua) in pencil in stages

This smooth, step-by-step exemplified drawing tutorial is undoubtedly among the easiest you will encounter. This manual is an excellent starting point for budding musicians seeking education on drawing a loyal friend. An accompanying video tutorial is also offered.

How to draw a chihuahua dog in pencil in stages
Step 1

Today we will learn how to draw a charming Chihuahua. First draws the middle circle for the shape of the head, then add the drawing and extend the form for the ears. Draw two lines for the neck. Now draw an egg shape for the body, and then add shapes to the limbs

How to draw a cute dog

Drawing a Chihuahua Dog – Step 1

Step 2

Begin by stretching the shape of the ears, and now make two small arches for the lining of the eyes. Next, outline the shape of the nose, and then we can move down to sketch a sketch of our dog’s legs and paws.

Drawing a Chihuahua Dog – Step 2

Step 3

Finish drawing the shape of the eyes. After that, add nostrils, and then outline the way of the mouth and neck that will go down. Now we throw our legs and belly, and also do not forget about claws on the paws..

How to draw a cute dog

Draw a chihuahua dog – step 3

Step 4

Begin to draw large ears, then go to the face, add a forehead, outline the features of the nose, chin, cheeks, and eyes. We add lines on the chest, paws, and nails. And finally, we finish our dog with a tail.

How to draw a cute dog

Drawing a Chihuahua Dog – Step 4

Step 5

This is your last step in drawing, here we detail the face and torso of our dog as in the picture.

How to draw a cute dog

Draw a chihuahua dog – step 5

Step 6

When you finish your chihuahua should turn out like the picture. Well, now you can sketch our dog, as you like. Here we have a funny dog.

How to draw a cute dog



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