How to draw a diamond and brilliant steps by step

In this article, we will learn how to draw a diamond or brilliant,shape,ring. It should be noted that a diamond is an ordinary transparent cobblestone (minerals), and a diamond is a faceted diamond, which is very beautifully shimmered because of its facets.

Since many did not know about this difference, and others just used to call diamonds, we will only draw diamonds.

The content of the article:

  • Simple diamond
  • Six-side diamonds
  • Another four examples of faceted stones
  • How to draw a brilliant Pencil

How to draw a simple diamond

How to draw a diamond

Let’s start with an example that shows us how to draw a natural diamond. Be sure to find a ruler or something else on which you can draw, for example, one of the sides of the notebook. The drawing should be smooth and symmetrical, so we need a ruler.

The first stage will be drawing the upper line, whose edges are lowered down.

How to draw a diamondWe connect the edges with two long lines from the bottom, and we will have the contours of our future drawing.

How to draw a diamond

Draw a horizontal strip and two more vertical ones, going from the bottom point to the top as in the picture below.

How to draw a diamond

In the upper part, we draw two more short lines. Pay attention to an interesting fact, there are eight triangles inside our diamond, and there is no other figure, no square, no polygon, or anything else.

How to draw a diamond

The final stage is the colorization.

How to draw a diamond



Six diamonds

How to draw a diamond

This time we will consider how to draw a diamond in stages, or slightly 6 pieces at a time. Precious jewelry does not have to be shaped like in the previous example. They can have absolutely any form, and in this example, we will demonstrate this to you.

So, we represent the contours of our jewelry. Some stones will have rounded outer contours, but despite this, the inner shapes will be even and consist of polygons (an example can be seen in the upper row in the picture below).

How to draw a diamond

Now we need to limit our diamonds. We draw smooth lines from corner to corner and create a web.

Looking at the picture below, you may be afraid of complex interlacing, but do not be scared. It’s better to take a look at the video tutorial (located just below) in which you can see the live drawing process and understand that drawing this web is quite simple.

How to draw a diamond

On each stone on the left side of the central part, we make a white highlight, and everything else will be painted. Our jewelry is ready!

How to draw a diamond

Another four examples of faceted stones

How to draw a diamond and brilliantLet’s look at four more examples that will help us understand how to draw a diamond. This time we will not go into any explanations, because everything is quite simple here. We take a ruler, sharpen a pencil and proceed!

First diamond

How to draw a diamond and brilliant

We already considered this example at the very beginning, but the way of drawing is slightly different this time. If then we first depicted the outlines, now we need to draw two triangles of various sizes that grow from one point.


How to draw a diamond and brilliant

All these examples almost do not differ from each other, but there are differences in cutting. Someone may like one way of drawing, and someone else is entirely different, so we’ll look at all the options.

The third

How to draw a diamond and brilliant

This drawing example is also quite standard and is depicted using the ruler quite simply.


How to draw a diamond and brilliant

The last way of drawing in the framework of this article will be slightly different from the previous ones. This time our diamond will have a square shape. It has the maximum number of faces and is, perhaps, the most complicated way of drawing.

How to draw a brilliant Pencil

Also, it is highly recommended that you watch this video tutorial, which demonstrates how to draw diamonds with a pencil. Although the video is in English and you probably do not know it, look at it, and in your head, you will have useful knowledge of drawing.

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