How to Draw an Elephant – Step by Step Elephant Drawing Tutorial

How to draw an elephant with our easy to go after step by step drawing advice (and the useful going to drawing printable). This small elephant is wonderfully cute and has a cartoon look to it so it will be an amusing one for all ages. Here’s an easy lecture on how to draw one of these fantastic creatures. Let’s begin! An elephant is a very friendly and beautiful animal, so drawing it will be not only easy but also enjoyable. Let’s see how the process of a drawing will go.

Step 1

First, perform the general form. The body of an elephant is close in shape to an oval, and the head is in a circle. Draw them. The circle is immediately divided into four parts – it is useful when drawing the face.

How to Draw an Elephant

Step 2

Now sketch the tusks and trunk. We draw them with two arcs directed towards each other

How to Draw an Elephant

Step 3

We immediately outline the general shape of the ear: it resembles a semicircle adjacent to the head.

How to Draw an Elephant

Step 4

It remains to outline the legs and tail – so far it will just stick. It is important to remember that the tail should be short, about half the length of the leg.

How to Draw an Elephant

Step 5

When the basic blueprints are made, you can proceed to detail. Let’s start with the muzzle. In the left upper lobe closer to the center, we note the eye. The eyes of the elephants are small, almond-shaped, surrounded by skin folds.

How to Draw an Elephant

Step 6

Now we will give volume to tusks and a trunk. The trunk must be thick enough, with folds on the inside.

How to Draw an Elephant

Step 7

A little tweak the shape of the ear – after all, it should not be perfectly round. The ears of an elephant are more likely a cross between a semicircle and a triangle.

How to Draw an Elephant

Step 8

Let’s start drawing legs. They are big, thick, because they have to bear a considerable burden.

How to Draw an Elephant

Step 9

And, of course, it is necessary to modify the tail. Do not forget about the brush on the end.

How to Draw an Elephant

Step 10

The outline of the drawing is completely ready, so you can remove the auxiliary lines.

How to Draw an Elephant


Step 11

To make the picture look more voluminous and “real”, you can carefully shade the shadow areas. But do not overdo it – the skin of an elephant is bright enough.


How to Draw an Elephant

At this drawing, the elephant can be considered complete. As you can see, everything is simple; it is only essential to approach the process with attention and accuracy. For those who want to understand better how to draw an elephant, this video tutorial will be useful.

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