How to draw arms Step By Step

How to draw arms easy and in a few simple steps will be explained in this article!. Understanding how to accurately draw the arms and the legs can dramatically improve your style sketches and give you a significant advantage in the awarding of your designs.

This is a simplified lesson on arms because you do not need to recognize how to draw anatomical arms for style method. Arms drawing are a simple and exciting activity! This lesson is divided into five parts in which you can learn to draw arms step by step, starting from the shoulder and ending with the drawing of each finger!

How to draw arms in pencil in stages

How to draw arms

Now we will draw the hand of an adult muscular man (man). Draw four squares vertically. In the uppermost square, draw simple lines in the shape of the shoulder, and then using the squares, draw the silhouette of the arm and hand.
How to draw arms
Now draw your fingers schematically, walk the eraser along the lines so that they are barely visible and only then draw the correct shape of the arm and hand.
How to draw arms
Draw the lines on the arm, indicating the performance of the muscles and protrusions, then go around with an eraser again so that the lines are hard to see.
How to draw arms
Pencil 2H and HB apply to shade, highlighting the main points.
How to draw arms
Use pencil 2B and 4B to apply to cross-hatch, creating dark areas.
How to draw arms
Apply to shade to the brush, then compare you with my drawing, correct the flaws.

How to draw arms

How to draw arms fingers in different positions

How to draw armsAs with the rest of the complex and body parts, the drawing hand can also be reduced to a relatively pure form.

How to draw your arms on the top.

The palm resembles a regular tetrahedron shape. If it’s more comfortable, you can also draw it in an oval shape. The fingers can be drawn first with lines and joints with circles.To draw the base of the thumb, place two crossed lines in the rectangle and the large ellipse in the lower corner of the side with the thumb.

The circle should stand out slightly from the palm. The finger joints are not aligned. In contrast, the fingers and joints represent a small arc at the highest point of the middle finger.
How to draw arms
For men, the drug is longer than the index finger, but the other length is shorter or the same period for women. This is due to the effects of male hormones and female hormones (testosterone and estrogen) in the early stages of fetal development. However, this is not a 100% rule, and depending on nature, there are other options by sex, so you can draw as you like.

It is important to remember that each finger consists of almost three identical parts or phalanges. The thumb consists of three blocks, one of which is a moving floor with fingers.
How to draw arms
Now you can draw a personal hand according to this somewhat mechanical structure. Remember that your fingers do not stick. In other words, the area in the base of the thumb is unclear. Open your arms and spread your fingers. There is a lot of space between them. Otherwise, when you put your hands together, it may be challenging to put a finger between your fingers.

When you regain your hand, draw a small line from the index finger to the thumb. As you can see, because the inch is slightly less, this stereoscopic effect occurs. Do the same when drawing your hand with the palm of your hand: draw a dash with your thumb toward the palm of your hand.

Do not forget that you need to draw your nails. Therefore, it is not difficult to lend a hand to the observer with a back or side, but drawing his hand every time will be boring.

How to draw arms from the side.

To draw arms at a different angle, you must add a volume to the image using the certificate line. The palm box becomes a flat square, the circle becomes the ball, and the oval becomes the shape of the egg. The fingers should be attached as above. Now you can understand how you look at your side.
How to draw arms
Also, when you look at your hand from the side, you can not see the index and thumb only. When you look at your hands this way, I realize that this is impossible. You can see the palm and the bottom of the remote finger or the back of the hand at least in the middle finger.

This is because the two sides do not resemble the fund. The ends of the fingers and joints are slightly curved from the front and the middle finger back at the highest point. When pulling the index finger, do not cover the middle finger of the index finger to the index finger. This allows you to draw a relatively strong envelope arm.
How to draw arms
Now we will paint everything else based on this structure. Since the thumb is a little closer here, draw a small clot at least in the direction of the palm.In fact, from the side, longer than the index finger, so that you can see part of the middle finger. However, in this case, it will disappear behind the index finger because it bends slightly.

As an example of such a position, you can always use your hands.

How to draw your arms in the third quarter.

Now let’s look at another example. This time, the individual parts on the side are highlighted in colour. Palm green square block. If you draw a line in the middle, you can easily hold your finger.
How to draw arms
Then draw your thumb. Because it is an independent moving part, we will customize it for our colours. Draw the base of the thumb and start the first battalion in two circles. Remember that your fingers partially overlap when you draw your fingers. Here, for clarity, the thumb and middle fingers tend to tilt slightly somewhat. You can not see the top of your finger plate because your hand is not as flat as a piece of paper.

Then draw a brush on this rule again. It is better to start with the arm closest to us and work away. Of course, it is not necessary to draw a diagram where the brush is attached to the wrist. Use a light tap on the palm of your hand to indicate the shape.
How to draw arms
You can also draw a small line in the middle of the palm towards the elbow. There are tendons; they are quite clear. This short line makes the picture more realistic.

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