How to Draw Water Step by Step

How to Draw Water this question will be answered in this lecture in two versions! Water. It is the majority magnificent part of nature. There is not anything more thoughtful or calming than the musical noise of effect deafening on a seashore, or the spongy rippling of a little watercourse. To draw water is very easy; the main thing is to follow our tips!

There are oceans capes, harbours, seashores, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and even now puddles. Drawing water is an interesting and exciting experience! Our stream land potential is never-ending. However, without the tools to understand how to draw water, we turn out to be besieged as to the job of how we presume to draw it! Every one those ripples, influence, reflections….oh my!!

The objective of this tutorial is twofold – we are going to discover how to draw water, however, more significantly we are going to evaluate the process of scrutiny, study and understanding!
You can draw water like this:

how to draw water

Drawing water( Option 1)

Sketch this:

how to draw water
2) Start drawing additional lines and bends:

how to draw water
3) Continue drawing lines like this:

how to draw water
4) Draw each wave:

how to draw water
5) Add foam:

how to draw water
6) Apply to shade:

how to draw water

How to draw water or a drop of water( Option 2)

How to Draw Water

To draw a drop of water, first draw its shape. Drops of water are entirely different; therefore, to bring water, it is not necessary to accurately derive its form. Draw the drop shape that you like, and do not forget to identify the flare (oval) immediately.

01.How to draw water or a drop of water with a pencil

How to Draw Water
Next, to draw water beautifully, we need to draw a shadow on the right. The water, though transparent, also has a shadow. Light falls on the left, and respectively, the shadow will be on the right.

02.How to draw water or a drop of water with a pencil

How to Draw Water
When the shadow is drawn, go to the drop itself. The drop should be lighter from the bottom and darker at the top. We begin to draw a drop from top to bottom, leaving the highlight white. Use feathering to achieve a soft tone transition.

03.How to draw water or a drop of water with a pencil

How to Draw Water
At the top, use soft pencils marking “B,” and below the hard markings “H.” Take your time, and you will succeed.

04.How to draw water or a drop of water with a pencil

How to Draw Water
Gradually, adding “darkness” near the flare, and making a soft transition with the help of feathering, you will achieve the desired result and be able to draw a drop beautifully.
Make sure that the bottom drop is entirely white. If you were accidentally feathering the bottom, it is easy to erase with an eraser.
How to draw a vase in pencil in stages
When you can see that a drop of water turned out to be voluminous, you can finish the drawing. If desired, draw another shadow at the bottom and get a reflection of the drop.

05.How to draw water or a drop of water with a pencil

How to Draw Water
I got a drawing of water that is lighter than I expected, but by adding strokes with a pencil “5V”, I will make it darker. The result you see in the first figure under the lesson heading how to draw water.
Is it difficult to draw a drop of water? I think, having gained experience, you can quickly draw drops on large drawings.

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