How to draw

Drawing a sprig of Clover

There’s nothing complicated about this design. All you need to do is watch your proportions to keep things balanced, and that’s easy as pie. Here’s the steps to make a nice bit of clover: Lightly draw a loosely defined plus. None of the arms should really be straight, but try …

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Drawing a set of nails

When Christ was crucified, He was pinned to the cross using three large nails. These nails have more in common with railroad spikes than the nails used for carpentry today, so when drawing them, you need to make them look more like stakes or spikes than your everyday nail. While …

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Drawing a Star of David

This may look extremely complicated, but it turns out it’s very easy to draw. It’s just two Creator Stars placed together. Here’s how to draw this design: Start out by drawing one Creator’s Star. Lightly draw a diagonal line from the rectangle’s corner, then draw lines of the same length …

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