Skateboard Drawing Step by Step

Skateboard Drawing in 2 variants will tell in this article! The first information about skateboards existed in 1922. Skateboarding as a cultural phenomenon originated in the United States in the state of California. At that time, the first line of popularity was surfing. Surf store owner Bill Richard noticed that athletes spent their time on land during calm seas. Richard, realizing that he could make good money on it, ordered wooden boards on wheels from a roller company.
Thus, in 1959, the first Roller Derby skateboard appeared on the market for the first time.

Today’s modern boards are remotely similar to what once appeared; the only similarity is the presence of the wheels and the board. But even then, many teenagers were interested in skateboarding. The accessory was only used to get around town: they were used to go to school, the beach, or work. The boards were straight; all you had to know was how to keep your balance and go around bumps.


Longboards are most reminiscent of the last century’s first board from the 70s and 80s. They are characterized by high-speed qualities, an extended deck, and a sharp nose. The flat surface without curves does not allow performing tricks, but it is unmatched in terms of comfort level. Thanks to the vast and soft wheels, the longboard feels like a surfboard, as if riding on smooth water.

Skateboard Drawing is an exciting occupation; the main thing is to listen to our recommendations! The stability combined with fast speeds is ideal for long distances and descents. The shape and design of the decks have the most significant variation of all varieties of skateboards.

Cruisers are a scaled-down longboard, rightfully considered the king of city roads. Small and maneuverable for fast rides on paved roads. Large and soft wheels smooth out most of the bumps, helping you to ride without frequent stops. The number of different materials from which the deck is made allows you to choose the right option for everyone. Composite materials and various plastic alloys have great strength and resilience. This material is easy to care for. It is not afraid of water and dirt, reducing the skateboard’s overall weight.

Decks made of wood are more robust than composite ones but have a heavier construction. They require careful care and a special storage place. Such a board should be dried from moisture after each walk. Wood is much more responsive in control and lightning quick to manipulate.

The modern standard wheels are 60 mm in size, 78 A stiffness, and ABEC 7 class bearings. In addition, the classic size range accommodates 22, 27, and 36-inch models. The smaller models have more precise handling and maneuverability but poor stability at high speeds.

Let’s get to skateboard drawing right away!

Skateboard Drawing Easy (option 1)

Skateboard Drawing

First, draw two shapes as in the first photo.

Skateboard Drawing
You will now draw out the platform and include the wheels’ shapes.

Skateboard Drawing
Then we draw small details on the wheels.

Skateboard Drawing
The next step is to draw the details of the wheels

Skateboard Drawing
We color the outlines of our skateboard in dark colors
We paint the skateboard in colorful bright colors, as shown in the picture.

Skateboard Drawing

Skateboard Drawing Simple (option 2)

Skateboard Drawing Easy

Consider its essential steps to understand how to draw a skateboard more realistically.
First, let’s draw a pencil sketch of the deck. We start with two parallel lines, which we connect with parallel lines. We have a parallelogram. Then draw the edges of the deck, trying to raise them. It is essential to make smooth semicircular lines. Skateboard is almost ready!

Skateboard Drawing Easy
Now our task is to sketch with a colorful felt-tip pen. Drawing pencil three wheels, the fourth is not drawn, as it is not visible to the board. Illustrating the wheels begins by making ovals and finishing them into cylinders. Remember that the deck hides part of each wheel.

Skateboard Drawing Easy
Let’s outline the wheels with a felt-tip pen. To give volume and expression to the drawing, on the bottom and wheels skateboard put a line – a surface on which stands our skateboard.

Skateboard Drawing Easy
Sketch a pattern on the deck to decorate the skateboard.
Trace the resulting pattern with a felt-tip pen.

Skateboard Drawing Easy
To show the skateboard in motion and give the picture dynamics, draw a short curved line next to the skateboard. They will represent the flow of air flying past the skateboard.

Skateboard Drawing Easy

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