Backpack Drawing Step by Step

Backpack Drawing in 2 variants will be described in this article! A backpack has long been a favorite closet item for both women and men. This is due to its versatility and convenience. It allows you to feel comfortable and not occupy your hands, which is essential in today’s hectic rhythm of city life.

According to definitions from numerous dictionaries, it is a shoulder bag equipped with two straps that allows you to carry food inside. Spare items, personal items, and gear. Today this closet item has become a specialized outfit and a stylish everyday accessory.

Scientists think the prototype of such a shoulder bag appeared in prehistoric people. According to some reports, Jesus Christ also had a similar bag behind his shoulders. During this time, the accessory has passed a long way in evolution, and today we can observe their different types and stylish closet items for every day.
Interesting! The first backpacks were a few sticks connected, which had a semblance of straps, also made of posts. With such luggage, ancient people traveled, carrying so personal items.

Backpack Drawing is an exciting and fun activity. The main thing is to follow our recommendations!

Modern backpacks are made of different fabrics and materials, as well as they differ in design.

There are several types of bags:

  • types soft (products that are characterized by softness and lack of rigid elements in the frame, they can be giant or miniature, if necessary, and the lack of things, an empty accessory can be rolled up into a small roll and hidden, has a small weight, which is a definite plus);
  • the frame (has rigid elements in the structure of the product, less common are anatomical shapes that properly distribute
  • the weight over the entire back, eliminating injury and overloading, some models can take out the rigid elements and use them as a soft bag);
  • easel (a wooden frame system hanging a bag for loading things, or there is a possibility to fix something on a frame separately from the rucksack, this model is standard in hiking).

Important! Most everyday models are made in a mild form or on a light frame so that the model holds its shape. As a rule, it is a small or medium-sized item to put personal items. With what to wear, a backpack shoulder bag looks perfect with almost any clothing style. It can be the simplest classic jeans and a loose T-shirt combined with sandals without heels or sneakers.

The soft bag will fit the outfit and will perfectly complement a stylish urban look. The sporty style of clothing combines wonderfully with fabric backpacks. This is a comfortable and stylish option for long walks in nature or special sporting events.

Let’s start backpack drawing immediately!

Backpack Drawing Side View (option 1)

Backpack Drawing

Another variation of how to draw step-by-step knapsack supplies a sequence of photos of a simple fabric accessory. The technique is simple and offered for any training.

Step 1

Schematically depicts the primary form of the bag: rounded, without a cover, with a large spot pocket on the front side.

Backpack Drawing

Backpack Drawing

Step 2

In the same way, the manage and straps, mainly hidden behind the back, are additionally drawn.

Backpack Drawing


Step 3

At this stage, the placement of the zipper of almost all of the bag and the patch pocket are marked.

Backpack Drawing


Step 4

All main lines are thoroughly mapped, and supporting lines are eliminated. The backpack prepares. Currently, it can be loaded with the color of your option. In the suggested variation, the patch pocket is enhanced with a spot, and the central part has a darker shade.

Backpack Drawing

Backpack Drawing

Backpack Drawing Easy (option 2)

Backpack Drawing Easy

First, it is worth figuring out exactly how to attract a backpack in pencil. To understand the general sequence, let’s think about one of the most common straightforward versions.

First, you should designate the standard shape of the bag. In the suggested situation, it is a rectangle.
Backpack Drawing Easy

After the base is significant, the working line notes the lid’s future placement, and the side pocket on the visible side is shown.
Backpack Drawing Easy

Then the briefcase lid and the applied front pocket are illustrated. A balanced side pocket on the contrary side is noted.
Backpack Drawing Easy

The whole bag, consisting of the pockets, is provided with a quantity and a rounded shape.
Backpack Drawing Easy

Lastly, the adjustable straps and management are mapped out. Finally, the whole backpack is described in the wanted means: zippers on the pockets and the lid cutting. The backpack prepares.
Backpack Drawing Easy

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