Cartoon tree-how to draw for beginners

Cartoon tree drawing this interesting and likely need for each person occupation! Plants are a significant element of every ecosystem. We couldn’t live without them – trees create the very oxygen we inhale. Whether just a mark in the background or as the focal point of your image, you will like drawing this cartoon tree.

Cleanly follow the easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial underneath.In turn, to draw a cartoon tree, you will require a sheet of paper and astonishing to draw with, such as a pencil, pen, or marker. You may too want to have handy an eraser and tinted pencils, crayons, or markers.

As you follow this drawing lesson, you will notice that an image accompanies each step. New lines in each level are highlighted in blue, while lines drawn in previous levels are in black.
Sketch lightly at first, as you will need to erase some of your initial lines before you complete the drawing.

Drawings in pencil in stages. The next series of simple drawing lessons will help beginners to draw trees. The first lesson in this series is how to draw a tree for beginners. The experience is very easy and simple, now you will see for yourself.

How to draw a Cartoon tree for beginners(1 option)

Cartoon tree

Immediately draw a tree trunk. Start from the roots and go up. In the middle, the trunk of the tree narrows a little, and to the top, it becomes wider again because the branches of the tree begin there. We will draw them at the second stage.

Cartoon tree
02.How to draw a tree for beginners
In the second stage, draw a tree branch. They can be drawn with hooks on the sides. One a little less, the other more. They are marked in red.

Cartoon tree
03.How to draw a tree for beginners
Now you can start drawing the crown of the tree. The head of the tree has an oval shape and begins below the branches of the tree.

Cartoon tree
04.How to draw a tree for beginners
Next on the crown of the tree should draw a few curved lines. Carefully review the drawing of the next step below.

Cartoon tree
Only four stages and a tree painted! Such trees can be learned to draw in just 5 minutes!
Now you can decorate the crown of the tree in green and the trunk of the tree in gray or brown. And you can try to decorate the tree with dull pencils.

Drawing a beautiful cartoon tree( 2 option)

Cartoon tree


1. Start with the trunk expanding to the bottom.

Cartoon tree

2. Connect the sides of the trunk at the bottom of a curved contour line. It will serve as a reference line for the root system of the tree.

Cartoon tree
3. Using the lower contour line, draw guides in four directions: NE, SE, NW and SW.

4. It is fascinating. Draw the roots of the tree with the help of long tapering tubes coming out of the trunk, following the directions of the compass. Have you noticed that we use guidelines in almost every object when drawing in 3D?

Cartoon tree

5. Erase additional lines. Draw branches, tapering and divided gradually into smaller chapters. Note that folds should be drawn where the branches diverge to mark the edges more clearly.

Cartoon tree
6. Easily mark the first zone of the leaves, marking it around.

Cartoon tree
7. Add two more circles after the first, creating a 3D overlap effect. A group of three leaf bunches will look visually more attractive than one.
An odd number of objects in a group looks more attractive than an even one. I look out the window right now and see a few examples of groups. The store across the road has three windows to the right of the door and three to the left. Find on the Internet examples of the famous Roman architecture, notice how many columns they have on each side of the entrance to the building or windows. Look at the windows, arches, sculptures in the historical architecture of the Renaissance. Grouping is a vital art concept, which I will discuss in more detail in our next lessons.

Cartoon tree
8. Just as we did in the koala drawing lesson, we will draw a “surface feel” on the leaf clumps. Start by applying small rows of astrakhan fur, as in the image below. As you ask several layers of these astrakhan furs, you create the illusion that these spheres become leaves. Now apply the texture of the wood using repetitive smooth lines running down the trunk. Notice that the shadows are darker under the branches.

9. Continue to increase the visual effect of the leaves, filling each of the large clots around with small scribbles. Finish the tree by adding texture shading. Apply long vertical lines to shade the trunk and branches of the tree. Wonderful job! The beautiful and most importantly realistic tree turned out!

Cartoon tree
Trees 9
Let’s try to complicate the drawing. Can you draw such a tree?

Trees 10

Cartoon tree

Three option Cartoon Tree

Cartoon tree

Correctly how to draw a standard pencil tree
Currently, we will undoubtedly attempt to describe in detail the phased illustration of a tree in 15 actions. Let’s start drawing!
Phase 1
We draw a trunk and plot the foliage, do not press the pencil very hard, as some lines will then need to be eliminated.

Cartoon tree
Phase 2
At the second stage, we attract the trunk and also sketched future branches of the tree.

Cartoon tree
Phase 3
In the third stage, we draw the foliage on the tree. Whatever is necessary below, with negligent spherical lines attract something similar as in the figure listed below. In case the tree will stand in gusty climate, its vegetation needs to be slanted a little towards the wind. In our example, the tree stands in cold weather.

Cartoon tree
Phase 4
At the fourth stage, we remove the auxiliary line, which we drew at the initial stage, as well as begin to inform the tree from the lower. Draw the very first branches, and also inaccurate lines show the relief of the bark.

Cartoon tree
Phase 5
We remain to draw the branches of the tree.

Cartoon tree
Phase 6
We throw in imprecise bark lines on the surface of the whole tree. Additionally, at this phase, we draw one branch with fallen leaves on the left side of the tree.

Cartoon tree
Phase 7
Inaccurate rounded lines attract leaves on all the branches of a tree.

Cartoon tree
Stage 8
The 8th stage is also rather straightforward. Attract the ground. If you attract a full-fledged landscape, then in this instance you require to act on the circumstance. Maybe you are painting a bizarre scene, and your trees are in the air:-RRB-.

Cartoon tree
Stage 9.
We paint over the trunk and branches with an instead dark pencil, or with paints.

Cartoon tree
Phase 10.
Now click the pencil a little softer and also paint over the left side of the tree.

Cartoon tree
Phase 11.
As in the previous action, repaint the best side of the tree.

Cartoon tree
Stage 12.
Considering that the light drops on the tree from above, its top is lighter than the lower part of the tree, so we try to present it in the number. We repaint over the left reduced component of the tree a little more challenging by clicking on the pencil than in the previous stages.

Cartoon tree
Phase 13.
Draw the leaves of the tree. It is not necessary to attract the fallen leaves in a straight line; they need to be put randomly on the branches.

Cartoon tree
Stage 14.
Since the light falls on our tree from the top right, the ideal side should be lighter than the left. However, we draw a little darkness under the branches so that the illustration will look far more specialist.
As discussed previously, chiaroscuro is extremely difficult, so do not fret if you will not do well.

Cartoon tree
Phase 15.

Cartoon tree
At the last phase, we paint highlights; if you draw with a pencil, you can take a periodontal and also clean a little:-RRB- If you repainted with colours, then you will undoubtedly need white paint.
That’s it; our tree is ready! In our instance, we drew with black as well as white. A tinted tree is drawn in the same way; it is easier to understand brand-new material with black as well as white.

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