How to draw a hexagon Step by Step

How to draw a hexagon? How to divide a circle into five equal parts? You can find the answer to all these questions if you follow these steps after me. Slackly-defined, a hexagon is any polygon with six sides. However, the regular hexagon features six equal parts and six equal angles.

Seem at images of hexagons to get a superior plan of what you’re drawing a hexagon. How to draw a hexagon and perfectly correct form will be discussed in this article! Drawing a hexagon is simple and straightforward if you follow your recommendations! In touch, think just tracing an accessible image of a hexagon.

Apply a ruler and a protractor to draw an ideal hexagon. For a rougher hexagon, try using a round shape and a ruler to point your hand. If accuracy is not paramount, then feel free to prepare an easy hexagon using merely a pencil and your instinct. Of course, we need a compass with a pen and a ruler to draw a beautiful hexagon!

Drawing a perfect hexagon

How to draw a hexagon


To begin, draw a compass circle.
Divide it into four parts with lines from top to bottom and from right to left.
You can immediately explain to the child that the segment connecting the two points on the circle and passing through its center is called the diameter.
And the segment connecting the center and a point on the circle is called the radius.
How to draw the correct asterisk

How to draw a hexagon
Using a ruler, measure and halve one of the radio.
I have this segment to the left of the center.
I marked the middle of the radius.
number 1.
We need a point on top of the circle.
I marked it with the number 0.

How to draw a hexagon
Set the compass needle
to point 1, and pencil to indicate 0.

How to draw a hexagon
Draw an arc to the intersection with a horizontal diameter.
Denote the intersection point
number 2.

How to draw a hexagon
Now we set the compass needle.
to point 0, and pencil to indicate 2.

How to draw a hexagon
And draw an arc to the intersection with the circle, and from two sides.
Intersection points are marked.
numbers 3 and 4.

How to draw a hexagon
Without changing the width of the compass, set the needle.
at point 3 and measure out a piece of the circle.
Put the point 5.

How to draw a hexagon
Point 6 can be measured from
points 5 and from point 4.
The main thing is not to change the width (solution) of the caliper’s legs.
Here, almost all.
If we connect the points, we get a regular pentagon.

How to draw a hexagon

You can draw an asterisk if you want!

How to draw a hexagon

Here so the asterisk is drawn.

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