How to draw a house in pencil in stages

How to draw a house in pencil in stages? In this article, we will learn to do it. It may seem like drawing a home is very difficult, but it’s not at all like that.
We draw a house, not a house 🙂 Therefore, we will draw from the side without drawing three-dimensional figures. This will significantly simplify the process of drawing, of course, if you feel secure in yourself, you can finish the three-dimensional elements of the house, that is, the second wall and draw the roof.
On paper, we will depict the most ordinary village house, which can be found in almost every city in the world. So let’s get started!

Phased drawing house example

We will draw with pencils, so stock up with a regular pen, color, eraser, and sharpener. Well, of course, paper.

Stage 1

The house will consist of two parts (you can see the finished drawing), draw a rectangle and divide it into two parts. Note that the square should be distributed not in the middle, but slightly offset to the left.
How to draw a house

Stage 2

In the second step, we outline the roof and doorway. We mark the doorway so full for a reason. The doorway is so broad because it will not have one door, but two.
How to draw a house

Stage 3

Now with a pencil, we will detail the roof and insert the windows into our house. Windows do not have to be square, very often rectangular windows are installed in buildings.
However, the windows must be at the same height. Otherwise, your building will be very unrealistic. For correct markup, you can even use the ruler. And if you have a diamond eye, you don’t have to use a ruler 🙂
Also, across the bottom of the building, you need to draw a decorative strip.
How to draw a house

Stage 4

We trace the windows and the door with another line, this will give a little volume effect, even though our goal is not to draw a three-dimensional house.
On the roof you need to draw a chimney, otherwise, where will Santa bring Christmas presents?
How to draw a house

Stage 5

The fifth is a significant step because the time has come to detail the entire building. We insert the doors, under the paint on the stairs. We enter windows into the windows, and also we detail the roof and the lower, decorative strip of the building.
How to draw a house

Stage 6

At the last step, paint our hut, and the drawing is ready!
How to draw a house


You do not need to redraw the example from our example completely. You can portray this hut on its own. For example, make the second and third floor, or you can build several entrances or a garage for cars.
In general, the options are countless. So, turn on the fantasy, draw and send your work in the comments.

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