How to draw

Drawing a Fleuree Cross

It’s pretty easy to tell that this design is based on the Latin Cross, but there are a few extra steps you should take to ensure you’ve left enough room to include the buds. One solution is to use a grid: But, if that doesn’t appeal to you, here’s one …

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Drawing a ray halo

This design is simple enough, but get a protractor ready if you’re drawing this one by hand. It will look best if all of the lines are at the same angle from each other. Here’s how to draw a ray halo: Complete the steps to drawing a basic halo. Draw …

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Drawing rectangles

If you’re drawing on a computer, the program you’re using probably has a tool for drawing rectangles. If not, there’s usually an easy way to make straight lines and thus making a perfectly straight rectangle is rather easy. However, most of these tools only produce squares and rectangles that are …

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