Stitches Drawing Step by Step

Stitches drawing will be described in this article! Most modern children know the cartoon “Lilo and Stitch”. It is a story about the friendship between an alien and an Earth girl. Although Stitch was created by an evil genius, hoping that with his help he would deprive the Earth of freedom, the little alien did not justify his hopes, radically changing into a good creature.

At first, Stitch only did what he did, that crushed everything. Later he became calmer. Today we propose to draw this funny alien. Do not be afraid, he will not destroy anything, but only decorate another page of your child’s album.


  • a piece of paper;
  • a pencil;
  • eraser;
  • and a scalloped circle;

Stitches drawing easy

Stitches Drawing

Step 1

On a piece of paper, draw a small circle to represent the character’s head. You can use a circular to give the figure a regular shape.
Stitches Drawing

Step 2

Under the head at a small distance draw another circle, – smaller. This is how we will represent the torso.
Stitches Drawing

Step 3

Connecting the parts
Connect the head and torso with two curved lines. The line on the left side should be shorter.
Stitches Drawing

Step 4

On the right and left sides of the head draw Stitch’s ears. Only his ears are not the same as we drew a cat or depicted when drawing a Husky dog. In Stitch, they look like curved horns.
Stitches Drawing

Step 5

Inside the circle depicts the eyes of the alien. They should be large and resemble trapezoids with rounded corners.
Stitches Drawing

Step 6

Now draw Stitch’s legs. They are very short and without feet, like an elephant.
Stitches Drawing

Step 7

The upper limbs of the character are also small. Draw them starting from the head. The arms are bent at the elbows and connected.
Stitches Drawing

Step 8

The alien’s nose resembles an inverted triangle with rounded corners. Also, don’t forget to draw Stitch’s eyebrows.
Stitches Drawing

Step 9

Depict the mouth as a wavy line, and add a smile at the bottom. On the forehead, draw small bangs.
Stitches Drawing

Step 10

Since we draw an enthusiastic Stitch, who, most likely, saw his favorite drink – coffee – in the eyes, instead of pupils, draw hearts. Do not forget to depict the mouth teeth and tongue. Also, erase unnecessary lines on the hands.
Stitches Drawing

Step 11

Circle the alien’s stomach with an irregular square separating it from the legs.
Stitches Drawing

Step 12

The final touches are the claws on Stitch’s hands and feet, as well as the little hearts around him.
Stitches Drawing

Step 13

Stitch’s fur is blue. The eyes, belly, and leg pads are blue, the nose is dark blue with a touch of purple. The hearts can be colored in different shades of red and pink.

Stitches Drawing

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