How to draw a car starting from a simple circle

Today I want to explain how to draw a car in simple steps, you must know that a car is complicated to draw, but once you understand the universal system, you will be easier to splash any type and model of car.

We will start with a car positioned at three quarters the model that we will have to draw is what you see below:

Step 1

The first step you will have to perform is first to draw the table top with a simple horizontal line and then draw a flat oval suspended in the air. See the image below:

How to draw a car

Step 2

The next step will be to splash the front bonnet trying to identify the mid-line, you must know that the cars are perfectly symmetrical so it is very important to draw a central line to have a reference point and to draw the whole body symmetrically.

How to draw a car

Step 3

Now you have to draw the wheels that have the same thickness from this point of view and you have to draw only three because the fourth is covered and then you can not see, you will skip the position of the headlights and you will delineate the profile of the car.

How to draw a car

Step 4

Now you will trace the roof line and the back of the bodywork.

How to draw a carStep 5

Now you will have to delete the unnecessary lines of construction and be careful not to delete the main ones of the design, you will have to have a result similar to what you see below.

How to draw a car

Step 6

Now you have to start drawing details such as the door handlesthe windowsthe light clustersthe bumperand darken the tire and the shade under the car.

How to draw a car

Step 7

Continue designing the details by adding the interior of the passenger compartment paying attention to darken it for good, the lines that make up the design of the car, the emblem of the front with the chrome grille and the alloy circles.How to draw a car


Step 8

Finally you will complete the whole with the chiaroscuro to the bodywork that will help you to give a more real and voluminous aspect.

How to draw a car

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