How to draw curly hair Step by Step

How to draw curly hair step by step wakes told in this article! Frizzy and Curly Hair are drawing instruction and step by step drawing tutorials for drawing Peoples Curly Hair. Learn how to draw and sketch the human hair.
Drawing curls is a hard job. However, I have put together a little guide to drawing spiral curls to help you ahead from now on.
When it comes to creating realistic portraits and figures, essential techniques for drawing hair — counting different lengths, styles and texture — is essential. If you’re a novice, this may seem like a daunting challenge — especially since this task can take longer than any other part of a drawing.
Hair is tough to draw, because what we observe is dissimilar than what we recognise. You can’t just draw all the hairs in the form of the outline, because that’s not what we perceive when we look at hair. What we see must be simplified to lines and shades, and there are many ways to do it.
In this lesson, I will show you one of these ways—a simple method that’s great for quick rendering and sketches.



How to draw curly hair

In this small pencil drawing lesson, we will learn the basics of curly and curly hair.
Below are three different types of curls; wavy, curly and heavily curled.


How to draw curly hair

If it is difficult for you to draw curly or heavily curled strands, lay them out into several simple steps.
To begin with, draw diagonal rectangles that will shrink to the bottom. And then connect the lines, as in the second scheme.


How to draw curly hair

Now we will try to draw such strands in practice. We draw the main shape of the head.
We consider two examples of drawing hair, one with waves, and the other mixed curly and wavy.


How to draw curly hair

Draw a face: eyes, nose and mouth.
I decided to look over my shoulder, so I added a neck and shoulders.


How to draw curly hair

Draw a bang. If you scribbled auxiliary hairline, you could easily see where to draw a blow.


How to draw curly hair

From the bangs add two strands that will hang on the sides of the face.
Now, by strands, we can already determine which girl will have wavy and which curly.
From the bangs add two strands.


How to draw curly hair

Add details. We draw small lines on the strands and points to show the direction of the hair. You can add hairlines as much and as little.

Step 8

How to draw curly hair

Now add the hair to the back in the same way as the side strands. I prefer to start from this stage, and not from the central part of the hair, as it sets the parameters of the head.
Notice that the hair is rather bulky on the head, this is because natural curls start to curl from the roots of the head.
The girl on the left side of the ends of the strands curled into a circular. So drawing is not necessary, only if you want.

Step 9

How to draw curly hair

Now add the hair in the middle. Add curls until we fill the entire empty gap.

Step 10

How to draw curly hair

Now let’s do the upper part of the head. Remember that the hair does not fit firmly to the skull, but it is not as far as at the bottom (due to severity).
Add from the parting hairline in the direction.
At this point, you can finish or add colour.
let’s do the top of the head


Below I will show my method of hair dyeing process. I will not go into details but will describe in a few extra steps.

1) apply the primary colour.

How to draw curly hair

2) Add the main shadows. Notice how the girl’s hair is darkened on the right side (each curl ring is darkened on both sides).

How to draw curly hair

3) Glare. Add a light colour on every ‘growth’ of hair. With the waves, its top of each punch, on the rings, its centre of each curl.

How to draw curly hair

4) Mix in any way you like and add more shadows.

How to draw curly hair
That’s all ready! I hope this lesson helps you.

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