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Ring Drawing Step by Step

Ring Drawing

Ring Drawing in 2 versions will be described in this article! The diamond as a symbol of purity in the engagement ring design was suggested by Charles Lewis Tiffany, the founder of the world-famous jewelry brand. He introduced the fashion for laconic and at the same time striking in their …

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Coffee Cup Drawing Step by Step

Coffee Cup Drawing

Coffee cup drawing in 5 versions will be described in this article! Coffee … It is hard to find another drink so versatile. We start the morning with a fragrant cup; remember coffee, when we need to ward off sleep and restore strength, friendly gatherings and romantic dates cannot do …

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Frog Drawing Step by Step

frog drawing

Frog drawing in 4 versions is described in this article! A whole group of animals is called frogs, representing the order “Tailless amphibians.” Therefore, this term is permissible in relation to various representatives of a similar order of animals, although many use it exclusively about the family “Real frogs.” The …

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Toad Drawing Step by Step

Toad Drawing

Toad Drawing in 3 versions will be described in this article! Toads have a slightly flattened body with a rather large head and pronounced parotid glands. The upper jaw of the wide mouth is devoid of teeth. The eyes are large with horizontally spaced pupils. The fingers of the front …

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How to Draw a Lizard Step by Step

How to Draw a Lizard

How to draw a lizard in 2 versions will be described in this article! Lizards are scaly lizards, which are included in the suborder of reptiles. They are the oldest representatives of the fauna on Earth since their existence coincides with those distant times when dinosaurs lived on the planet. …

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Chipmunk Drawing Step by Step

Chipmunk Drawing

Chipmunk Drawing in 3 versions is described in this article! Chipmunks are cute animals that have quite an attractive appearance. Chipmunks are more similar to squirrels, despite being related to marmots and ground squirrels. The scientific name of the genus “Tamias” is associated with the ancient Greek root, which is …

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Pelican Drawing Step by Step

pelican drawing

Pelican drawing in 4 options will be described in this article! Pelicans are a genus of birds that are the only members of the Pelican family. On our Planet, only eight species represent this order, and a couple of species live within our country. Pelicans are considered the most giant …

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Lamp Drawing Step by Step

Lamp Drawing

Lamp Drawing in 2 versions will be described in this article! Table lamps are a large class of luminaires that have been used for local lighting for a long time. Of course, these days, a table lamp can also play a decorative role, participating in creating an interior. One of …

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Hermione Granger Drawing Step by Step

Hermione Granger Drawing

Hermione Granger Drawing in 3 versions will be described in this article! Hermione Granger is one of the main characters in the Harry Potter series. Hermione is a sorceress, best friend of the famous wizard’s Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Has increased interest in any scientifically grounded literature, explains the …

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Draw Roblox Step by Step

draw roblox

Draw Roblox in 3 versions that will be described in this article! Roblox is a free creative sandbox integrating a custom video game library, engine, platform. This is not a Half-Life plot but a real story. In 1989, the creators of Roblox were working on software designed to simulate physical …

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