Tooth Drawing Step by Step

Tooth Drawing in 2 variants will tell in this article! Teeth play an essential role in the human body. Originally, human teeth were large and performed one primary task – grinding food (often complex and coarse). But with the development of man and society, dental units began to be regarded not only as devices for chewing food but also as an aesthetic component of the appearance of successful people.

The disappearance of primitive food from the diet and advances in dental science allow anyone to have a healthy and attractive set of teeth. Even though almost all people strive to have a beautiful white smile, clean their teeth daily and visit the dentist periodically, few people think about the origin and structure of dental units.

Tooth Drawing is a fun and educational activity; follow our advice, and you will succeed! There are thirty-two of them on two jaws; they are white, shiny, and can hurt… That’s probably where the general knowledge ends. But it is helpful to know what a tooth is. Teeth are bony structures in the mouth that mechanically process, grasp and retain food. Dental units are part of the human chewing apparatus with the tongue, lips, and muscles. Their growth and development are determined by genetics.

The location of the dental units on the jaws and the timing of their eruption depend largely on heredity. Functions of teeth Originally, human teeth, like animals, were set up only for the primary mechanical processing of food, facilitating the process of digestion. The shallower the pieces of food that fall into the stomach, the easier digestion of food and assimilation of nutrients.

The second important function of human teeth is the formation of sounds and speech production. If a child loses at least one incisor at a young age, a trip to the speech therapist is likely inevitable. Some sounds cannot be pronounced without the help of dental units. Missing front teeth often cause a foul mouth and a lisp.

Let’s start tooth drawing right away!

Tooth Drawing Easy (option 1)

Tooth Drawing

The lesson is about a cartoon tooth, simple structure, and coloring. Quickly, let’s draw this baby with colored pencils. After all, even a child can draw such an illustration! This lesson will show you how to draw a tooth step by step.

Tools and materials:

  • white sheet of paper;
  • A drawing pencil;
  • eraser;
  • Colored pencils;
  •  Black pen.

Stages of work:

1. Outline the general shape of the tooth.

Tooth Drawing
2. Draw the figure of our hero.

Tooth Drawing
3. Add two symmetrical eyes, eyebrows, and mouth.

Tooth Drawing
4. Detail the features: eyes, mouth, etc.

Tooth Drawing
5. Add two arms. The left one will be sideways and the right one at the waist.

Tooth Drawing
6. Use a black pen to outline.

Tooth Drawing
7. Use blue to make eyebrows, eyes, and shadows.

Tooth Drawing
8. Tongue and mouth are drawn in two red shades. The falling shadow is made of the same colors.

Tooth Drawing

Tooth Drawing Fairy (option 2)

Tooth Drawing Easy

A drawn tooth will help kids get rid of their fear of the dentist and, with the moral imagination of parents, will become the hero of many fairy tales that can be made upright in the drawing.

Children are more receptive to information presented in figurative or playful form, so with the help of these simple and fun pictures, adults can quickly tell their children how teeth are made and why it is essential to brush them, as well as prepare them for the inevitable first loss of baby teeth.

To draw a tooth, you’ll need a sketchbook or sheet of paper, a regular pencil with a black lead, an eraser, and a sharpener (just in case).

It’s more convenient to break down the process of drawing a tooth into several simple steps:

1. At the first stage, the left spine of the tooth with a pointed tip is drawn. You can draw it with two separate lines or draw it without taking your handoff.

Tooth Drawing Easy

2. The right spine of the tooth, smoother and more uniform in thickness, is drawn.

Tooth Drawing Easy

3. Next, it is necessary to draw the upper part of the tooth. Variations are possible here, but it is better to be guided by the figure above, where the tooth’s surface is drawn with three smooth lines. It is unnecessary to connect them – this will give an additional volume to the drawing.

Tooth Drawing Easy

4. In the next stage, the details are drawn – a few smooth lines parallel to the contour of the tooth, creating a convex effect and shadow play.

Tooth Drawing Easy

Tooth Drawing Easy


The tooth is ready! You can draw the tooth with your eyes or paint it to liven up the drawing. Colored pencils are not needed here, but you can show your child the technique of shading – for this, sharpen a little pencil lead and gently rub the graphite crumb with the pad of your finger. Such a tooth will look very natural and not ugly! If something didn’t turn out right away, you could use an eraser to remove the extra details – a simple pencil is excellent to erase!

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