Bunny Drawing Step by Step

Bunny Drawing two variants will be explained in this article! The bunny belongs to the Hare family and the class of mammals. The animals are considered native to Spain, from where they were brought to Italy by Roman legionaries. After that, the fantastic animals began to inhabit all over the world.
They can not be found only in Antarctica. The rabbit has several characteristic features:

  • Body length from 20 to 50 cm
  • Weight from 400 g to 2 kg
  • Fluffy and soft fur
  • Long ears
  • Strong hind legs

The tail is small and has a rounded shape. The animal’s teeth grow as they are ground by eating coarse fodder. Molting takes place twice a year. Long-eared animals are widely used in agriculture. For this purpose, different domestic species have been bred, which can be conditionally divided into several groups: downy, meat, and ornamental. Sometimes bunnies are confused with rabbits. The main difference is that bunnies are capable of mimicry. They are gray in summer and white in winter. Bunnies do not have this ability but can have different color variations.

Drawing bunnies is an exciting and uplifting activity! The bunny has strong, long hind legs, allowing him to run fast. If necessary, he can strike with them. Lifestyle bunnies prefer to live in meadows, glades, and wetlands. They live in burrows in large groups. They can build a whole network of underground mazes that help them hide from predators and hide food.

Bunnies eat grass, roots, bark, and branches in the wild. On rare occasions, they may eat insects. They also cause severe damage to agricultural fields and garden plots, as they eat root crops and cabbage and sometimes rip the bark off young apple trees. In Australia, these animals almost caused a disaster. They were introduced to the continent at the end of the 19th century. Seafarers wanted to provide people with a sufficient amount of meat. But the animals began to breed actively, and their numbers skyrocketed. They had no natural enemies in the form of predators. Hunting, traps, and other methods of extermination did not help.

Over time, the situation was solved a little, but it is still critical. The female can breed 24 times a year. Each litter can have up to 7 cubs; in some cases, 12 bunnies are born. The female is ready to mate immediately after giving birth, which ensures her high fertility rate. The cubs become adults after four weeks.

But only a small number of individuals survive for a year. Housekeeping In recent years, it has become popular to keep ornamental rabbits. They are distinguished by their dwarf size – from 1.5 to 3 kg. They can vary in appearance – to have a spotted color, long hair, drooping ears, and other features. Keep the rabbit in a spacious cage or aviary. Filling the tray with wood pellets is better – they absorb the smell.

Feed the pet with vegetables, greens, and grain. Pet stores sell ready-made food, as well as special treats. Make sure to give the pet twigs of trees so that it can grind its teeth. The pet is often given as a companion for children. But the rabbit has a fragile body, so the child must be taught the rights.

Let’s start drawing bunnies right away!

Bunny Drawing Easy (option 1)

Bunny Drawing

A cute little bunny can be quickly drawn if you follow the following step-by-step guidelines:

Bunny Drawing
Draw the right circle, which is the animal’s head.

Bunny Drawing
Starting on the right side, redraw an oval shape, about 2.5 times the area of the circle.

Bunny Drawing
To the bottom right of the more significant part, draw a slight bulge to form the tail.

Bunny Drawing
Below, small elongated in the diagonal direction of the ovals outline three legs. That’s how much will be visible from this angle.

Bunny Drawing
Draw elongated ovals to the head right from the top with an extension at the bottom. These will be the ears.
Beginning to form properly head. We need to fix the lower left of the convex parts, the nose.

Bunny Drawing
Draw an oval eye. Outline the tip of the nose and the line of sight where the antennae will be.
Draw whiskers on one side that will come out directly from the lip part. On the other will be visible from the outer contour.

Bunny Drawing
Draw fine details – fur on the contour, tufts on the tail.
The last step is to draw the skin’s fur and the eye’s formation.

Bunny Drawing
To draw the tufts, it is necessary to use a sharp thin lead, both hard and soft pencil, alternating them to create a particular texture.
For texture, applying techniques of tracing and shading individual elements is desirable.

Bunny Drawing

Bunny Drawing Cute (option 2)

Bunny Drawing easy

A Bunny is a cute and fluffy animal. It will be very easy for those who know how to draw, but if you have problems with it, you can try to depict the animal in stages. To begin with, let’s draw a circle and an oval – the head and the body of our future friend.

Bunny Drawing easy
Then draw his feet; they will be an elongated shape.

Bunny Drawing easy
After that, you must make the animal’s muzzle sharper. You are drawing ears and a short tail.

Bunny Drawing easy
Next, you’ll need to complete the picture with small details: eyes, hair, nose, and mustache, colors.

Bunny Drawing easy
As a result, we get here such a lovely fluffy:

Bunny Drawing easy
Later you can draw him a house, grass, and another background, which will be much more enjoyable.

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