Grinch Drawing Step by Step

The Grinch is a famous Christmas tale hero who has become a character in several movies and animated series. He lives in the secret corners of the autumn forest and is famous for his attitude to the holiday of Christmas. Some people think of the Grinch as an evil thief who steals Christmas from all people. He can be harmful, mean and eccentric, but stealing the kindest holiday of the year is his biggest goal.

However, others are sure that the Grinch is only fiction and no one can actually steal Christmas. This is just a story that helps us feel the magic of the holiday and realize how important it is not to lose faith and rejoice in every little event in life.
Thus, the theme of The Grinch is exceptionally provocative and evokes different opinions. He can be a mysterious figure who steals Christmas, or he can symbolize all the negative emotions and thoughts that sometimes arise in our hectic modern life.

But in any case, the Grinch remains one of the most recognizable characters, which for decades has helped us better realize that good always triumphs over evil, and the holiday mood overflows into the heart of each of us.

Grinch Drawing is exciting and helpful in developing and understanding drawing! The Grinch’s main trait is his hatred of Christmas. He needs to understand the meaning of this holiday and consider it a waste of time and money. The Grinch believes that people focus too much on material goods and forget about the real essence of Christmas – love, kindness and family warmth.

However, in the course of the events of the book, the Grinch finds himself rethinking his beliefs. Thanks to a meeting with a little girl named Kindle, he realizes that Christmas is not only gifts and decorations but also a spiritual value he has lost. The book’s central message is that no one should be excluded from the holiday; they are all equally important and valuable, without wealth or social status distinctions.

The Grinch symbolizes Grinchian ideals: cynicism, indifference, and grim self-isolation from the world around him. He reminds us of the importance of the holidays and brings a bill of goodness and magic to Christmas. Features of the appearance and behavior of the mysterious thief of the autumn forest

The Grinch, the mysterious thief of the autumn forest, is known for his unique appearance and strange behavior. The Grinch has a small stature and a lean build. His skin has a greenish tint, which makes his appearance even more mysterious. The Grinch’s face is adorned with a thick, carelessly groomed red beard. Glasses with straight glasses and protruding metal temples give him an intellectual look.

The Grinch likes solitude and prefers to spend time in the secrecy of his fall forest. His behavior provokes questions and interest from those around him. He avoids the company of other forest dwellers and studies their habits and routines from afar. The Grinch is believed to have stolen Christmas, but his motives remain a mystery. According to some accounts, the Grinch witnessed an unjust event, prompting him to steal the holiday from people.

Let’s start Grinch drawing right away!

Grinch Drawing Easy 

Grinch Drawing


  • piece of paper;
  • simple pencil;
  • eraser;
  • colored pencils/flossers/colors;

Part of the drawing 1 ( head)

Grinch DrawingDraw semicircular lines

Part of the drawing 2 ( Shoulders) 

Grinch Drawing
Draw a thin neck and small shoulders.
Grinch Drawing
Adjust the drawing.

Part of the drawing 3 ( Face) 

The Grinch’s smile is wide, taking up half of his face.
Grinch Drawing
The nose is small and oval in shape.
Grinch Drawing
The eyes are ajar, looking sly.
Grinch Drawing
Eyebrows are furrowed.
Grinch Drawing

Part of the drawing 4 ( Hat) 

Using our instructions, a child can quickly draw a Christmas hat with a pompom.
Grinch Drawing
Remember the pompom drop.
Grinch Drawing
Erase unnecessary lines.
Grinch Drawing
Draw fur on the hat in the shape of a cloud.
Grinch Drawing

Part of the drawing 5 ( Details) 

Use short lines to draw the smile wrinkles.
Grinch Drawing
Add pupils and skin folds under the eyes.
Grinch Drawing

Part of the drawing 6 ( Coloring) 

Grinch Drawing
You can color the drawing with paints, colored pencils or felt-tip pens, depending on your child’s age.

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