How To Draw a Bush Step by Step

How To Draw a Bush in 2 variants will tell in this article! A Bush is a perennial plant with woody stems without a central stem. The number of stems varies from a few to many. The stems change throughout their lives, usually with branches of different ages on the same plant.

For cultivated bushes, the age of the branch is important because it determines the activity of flowering or fruiting.
Drawing a bush is exciting and fun; most importantly, follow our recommendations! In forests, bush forms an undergrowth; steppes and tundras form a transition zone (forest-tundra, shrub-steppe). Under unfavourable conditions, a tree may turn into a brush.

In humid forests, bush reaches a 6-8 m height, but their stems barely branch. The large leaves have a smooth surface, so moisture is not trapped. The root system is located at the surface, weakly branching.
The role of shrubs increases as the climate becomes more arid. In savannahs, where the dry season is long, bush form dense thickets. The root system is better developed than the above-ground part. Often the rhizomes spread over a large area, with fleshy roots and rhizomes storing water.

In steppes and semi-deserts, bushes are small in height, with small leaves and a root system forming a dense sod. Branches are often dotted with thorns. Bush tundra consists of dwarf forms of birch, willow, and alder with underlying grasses.
Classification is based on the difference in life forms.

Bush with lengthy woody stems – upright (hydrangea), creeping (cedar shrub), liana-like (Chinese lemongrass);
Wild and cultivated are classified according to how the plants are used. Culture is divided into fruit and berries, like currants, raspberries, and ornaments, like lilacs and spirea.

Bush grows much faster than trees, increasing the length of the branches by 0.5-2 meters annually. The life span of shrubs is 10-15 years, sometimes up to 30 years.

Let’s begin drawing a bush immediately!

How To Draw a Bush Easy (option 1)

How To Draw a Bush

Once you have the necessary materials and tools, you can start wondering how to draw a shrubbery. This process will take little time. It is based on these steps:

1. Draw a long straight line on the sheet. Next, draw a high arc by connecting the two outermost.

How To Draw a Bush

2. Next, draw a high arc by joining the two farthest points of the line. Next, make your bush ornament along the arc. He can

How To Draw a Bush
3. Next, along the arc, make your bush ornament. It can be pretty chaotic. Add flowers to your bush.

How To Draw a Bush
4. Add flowers to your bush. Draw all the elements of the brush with a black felt-tip marker. Colour

How To Draw a Bush
5. Draw all the elements of the bush with a black felt tip pen. The florets should also be traced. You can use the blank space to decorate your drawing to trace the blossoms.

How To Draw a Bush

6. To decorate your drawing, you can paint over the free space in green, leaving the flowers untouched or complementing them with yellow. Then your picture will turn out more bright and original.

How To Draw a Bush

How To Draw a Bush Plane (option 2)

How To Draw a Bush Easy

Step 1

Drawing the bushes.

How To Draw a Bush Easy

Step 2

Draw the twigs.

How To Draw a Bush Easy

Step 3

Draw the flowers.

How To Draw a Bush Easy

Step 4


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