How to draw glasses for 4 easy steps

How to draw pencil glasses in stages using a pencil and paper! The human being is far from ideal. The hypothesis of development says that the strongest survive. But in the container of the populace, everything is precisely conflicting. Our body is delicate. Silenok hardly sufficient to raise your heaviness, the speed at the level with the beaver, and sight is not an eagle (beyond your nose we do not see). But the person has a brilliant brain, and he came up with a large number of inventions. At present let’s speak on one device. You will study how to draw glasses.

How to draw glasses Glasses serve not so much for improving the eyesight as for its normalisation. Often glasses are replaced with lenses, which are more suitable to use but require a lot of concentration and affection.

Also, glasses have an advantage that a couple of lenses will never have – they create a person smart. Yes, but most often only in appearance. Statistically, a person with glasses looks brighter for others by 20%, although at least 100% can be blunt. However, that’s not everyone. The glasses defend us from the evil and nasty sun, which tries to daze us with ultraviolet light. A genius invention for all occasions. Here are a few things about this product: Sometimes glasses are used by those who do not need them in the forehead.

  • Thus, in Spain in the 17th century, it was believed that the more a person has a spectacle frame, the higher his status in society. Lenses at the same time did not even remember, except that pure glass..
  • About eyepieces even invented terrible myths. In the Middle Ages, they were called Vampires, which suck the soul. Often they formed a company in the drawings of witches and other evil spirits.
  • Everyone knows about the angry moods of roosters. In Denmark, farmers found an exciting way to calm the animals – they put on the rooster’s glasses with lenses so that they had myopia. Aggression as the wind blew..

Drawing the glasses themselves would be too trivial and straightforward, so I complicated the lesson, and we will bring a portrait of John Lennon in glasses. Let’s start, sir.

How to draw pencil glasses in stages

Step one

How to draw glasses 


We will outline a curved shape with two outgoing outlines with it. As you recognise, it will be ahead with shoulders. How to draw a pencil in stages in stages

Step two

How to draw glasses 

We pass to the drawing of the facial elements. Lennon is still that patented rocker, harmoniously spreading his hair on his head with a pencil. How to draw a pair of glasses in pencil step by step

Step three

How to draw glasses

In this step, we will do two belongings at once: first, draw beautiful and kind eyes, always in interesting surrounding glasses, lips, nose, neck – do not forget anything, the second – smoothly move to remove all unnecessary strips, blots, clean the paper from impurity. How to draw glasses in pencil step by step

Step four

How to draw glasses 

Business for small. As the drawing has already been cleared, it remnants only to revive it, adding more realistic shadows and shading the desired places. How to draw pencil glasses in stages I hope this article was practical to you.

And I know one obsession about you-you have attractive ideas for education, and, the majority profoundly, I recognise you want to write to us.

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