How To Draw Onion Step by Step

How to draw onion in 2 ways will be described in this article! Onion is a plant known to humanity for more than 5 thousand years. The vegetable is used in all cuisines of the world. The description of its usefulness occupies entire volumes of medical books. There are 400 species of this herbaceous perennial culture on Earth, of which 25 varieties are edible and only 12 are cultivated.

The plant belongs to the genus Onion (Allium), the onion family (Alliaceae). It is a monocotyledonous herb. Its leaves begin immediately from the root; the veins run parallel.

A spicy taste and a characteristic aroma characterize the culture. In the first year of life, the plant forms a bulb. What is an onion bulb – an unasked question: is it a root, root, or stem? The bulb is a thickened, spherical stem growing underground. It, like above-ground greens, is consumed as food. The shortened stem is called the bottom. The bottom may have one or more bulbs. This depends on the variety of the plant—color – white, red, dense purple (determined by the array).
For information! The shape of the bulb is round, flat. There are also elongated and spindle-shaped.

Drawing onions is a passionate activity that fascinates and excites minds! The plant leaves are erect, hollow inside, and succulent rooted. They were distinguished as lily-like or strap-shaped. They are oval or round when viewed in a section.
The stem under the ground is round and thick, in the above-ground part – is bloated, strong, and grows up to 1 m.

Onions flower in their second year of development. The peduncle looks like a hollow tube with thick walls. Flowers are collected in inflorescences as a ball of 50, sometimes 900 pieces, on one bed. The seeds (small three-sided, or round) then ripen in their place. By color, they come in black or brown.

Seeds are densely sown the next year and get onion seed. In another season, the seedling, planted in the ground, grows the same commercial onions, which go into food. Nature took care of the diversity of varieties of this culture. Types of onions found in vegetable gardens are divided into edible and decorative.

True, the word “onion” has a different meaning. When asked what it is – bows in the fashion world will answer: “This is the name of beautiful, properly selected clothes”. But the speech is about the bow that goes into food.
These are the arrows of young onions. The greens are harvested and eaten before the turnips are formed. Most nutrients are found in the feathers of green onions. They are rich in ascorbic acid, potassium. Of particular value are microelements, B vitamins, zinc.

Let’s get to drawing onions immediately!

How To Draw Onion Cell (option 1)

How To Draw Onion

Bulb shape

First, draw a circle on the bottom. Is there room left for green sprouts on the bulb?
How To Draw Onion
Bulb neck

The circle flows smoothly into an elongated “neck”.
How To Draw Onion


They are short and thin.


Erase the line that separates the base and top of the vegetable.

How To Draw Onion
The smallest sprouts are behind the larger ones.


How To Draw Onion
The bulb is covered with dry scales on the outside. They are chaotically placed.

Draw irregular lines on the left and right.

The husk

How To Draw Onion
Make sure that the distance between the lines is about the same.


How To Draw Onion
Make adjustments.

How To Draw Onion
Color the bulb in yellow-orange colors and make the feathers green.

How To Draw Onion Easy (option 2)

how to draw onion cell

Step 1

The first step is to draw a circle as the base of our onion

Step 2

how to draw onion cell
Draw the top part of the onion.

Draw the shuluha in the form of arc-shaped lines!

Step 3

how to draw onion cell
Draw green arrows at the top

Step 4

how to draw onion cell

Erase unnecessary lines and trace the remaining lines with a marker.

Step 5

how to draw onion cell
Draw the green pods with a green marker.

Step 6

how to draw onion cell
Take the yellow and orange colors and draw the bottom part of the onion.

Step 7

how to draw onion cell
Our drawing is now complete

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