How to draw Vines Step by Step

How to draw vines in 3 step-by-step versions will be described in this article! Grapes – a perennial stunted fruiting plant that requires care. The grapefruit is berries of spherical elongated and curved shape ranging in size from 10 to 45 mm. They are collected in clusters, which can be up to several kilograms.

The juice is mostly colorless, in rare cases, red. The taste of the ripened berry is sweet; a slight acidity may be present. Breeders are trying to develop new varieties with exciting flavors. It can be nutmeg, caramel, nightshade, Isabel, milk shades of taste. Drawing grapes is an exciting and fascinating occupation. The main thing is to follow our recommendations step by step, and you will succeed!

Depending on the characteristics of the grapes, it can be used for different purposes. The plant is grown for making wine, juice, raisins, eating, grapevine decorates arbors, fences, buildings. The grapevine will effectively decorate any arbor. Most varieties are of Mediterranean origin. Some species are bred in the USA. So, let’s immediately begin the lesson in drawing our favorite vines!

How to draw a Vines easy (option 1)


How to Draw Vines

We will learn to draw a vine with leaves to decorate the culinary page or the front of the card. The branch and leaves themselves have an interesting shape so that drawing will be fascinating!

1. From the left edge, draw a lineup. It will be a vine. We have grapes on it.

How to Draw Vines
2. Then we find the location of each grape leaf. There will be a lot of them. We draw all the sheets in different parts of the vine, at different angles. Each will vary in size and shape.

How to Draw Vines
3. We draw berries of grapes. Then we pass to the vine, and in more detail, we begin to draw leaves. We thicken the stems themselves and the main branch. We finish the antennae, which twists into a spiral. In the middle of each sheet, we draw veins in the form of arcs.

How to Draw Vines
4. Draw the branch and small leaves that remained incomplete in the drawing. We refine the contour of each part and delete it as needed with an eraser.

How to Draw Vines
5. Now you can go to the colors. Use green tones for the leaves. Mix dark green with brown to get a warm shade.

How to Draw Vines
6. Darken the areas on the leaves. Draw a green branch and antennae. Then mix black with dark brown to work out the shady areas on the vine.

How to Draw Vines
7. Paint the grapes themselves. To do this, mix red and brown on the palette. Let the first layer dry.

How to Draw Vines
8. Paint over the second layer with more saturated color. Determine where the shadow and light.

How to Draw Vines
9. Finally, we are working on a drawing of a vine with leaves with black liners of different thicknesses.

How to Draw Vines
The drawing of the vine on a white sheet of paper is ready.

Vines drawing simple ( option 2)

How to Draw Vines

1 Lower berries.

First, draw a tiny circle. You can make use of the compass.

How to draw Vines
Base Berries From above, draw an additional one, covering part of the first.

How to draw Vines

The third berry can be made larger.
Lower berries.

How to draw Vines
Berries on the brink.
From the considerable berry left as well as best add grapes of various sizes.

How to draw Vines
Berries at the edges Add three more berries to minimize the distance in between them.

How to draw Vines
Berries that are placed in the center need to overlap those that get on the sides just after that it will certainly be feasible to communicate the volume of the branch visually.

How to draw Vines
Finish draw the number with a couple of berries. Circles can be of different forms.
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How to draw Vines
Attract a small tail from above.

How to draw Vines
From the tail to the right, draw a curved line – the stem for the leaf.
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Even more information.

How to draw Vines
We are beginning drawing a sheet. Unlike others, this one should be big.

How to draw Vines
Fallen leaves Complete drawing by connecting the sides of the leaf to make sure that the item is in the facility.

How to draw Vines
Correct all the information on the picture.

How to draw Vines
Very carefully follow the directions so as not to miss out on anything.
Stem shape.

How to draw Vines
To the left of the tail, draw a spiral grow.
How to draw Vines

How to Draw Vines
Shade the grapes in blue and also purple, as well as the fallen leave and tail in eco-friendly.

Drawing vines with grapes ( Option 3)

How to Draw Vines


Print a prefabricated fundamental grid as well as begin making use of it, or build the standard network on your own utilizing the following directions … Show.

How to draw Vines


Draw the width and elevation of the picture. Show the direction of the branch and also the general shape.

How to draw Vines

Synopsis the branches and clusters of grapes. Attract a midline.

How to draw Vines

Sketch the form of the sheet.

How to draw Vines

Check the shape of the sheet.

How to draw Vines

Draw grapes that do not overlap.

How to draw Vines

Designate the grapes behind the initial row.

How to draw Vines

Draw the missing grapes. Overcome the whole type, making it a lot more complicated, as well as layout the details.

How to draw Vines


Draw a contour of a branch with grapes, trying to vary the density and stress of the line. Attract information as well as the ground.
Eliminate auxiliary lines.

How to Draw Vines


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