While Drawn By His Light is primarily about the symbols used in Christian art, there are other topics that are worth exploring. These might stimulate some creative ideas or just answer some questions that might have been brought up when you were reading other pages on here. Below is a convienent list of this extra […]

Anyone that has ever worked with a designer or artist can tell you that everything in a design is selected with care. Even something as simple as the color of a banner or background will have been loo

… Crossbeam This is the horizontal bar on a cross. Stipe This is the vertical bar on a cross. When a cross was erected, the bottom of the stipe would be planted in the ground. Back to the top of

Why not have a little fun with your learning experience here? These are Flash or Javascript programs that you can freely mess with. Palette Helper — a tool to help you pick colors Shapeplay — play around with basic shapes Shapeplay Instructions Back to the top of the page  

If you ever need help deciding on what colors to use for a project, try playing around with the controls on this page. Sorry, but this page is managed entirely by Javascript. You’ll need to enab

Elsewhere I’ve mentioned that just about everything can be created by mixing and matching simple shapes, so now here’s your chance to play around with them. For instructions, visit this pa

Below is an overview of all of the symbols listed on this site. For more information about a symbol, simply click on it to be taken to its definition. Alternatively, you can use the menu to the left to search by category. 10 Pointed Star 4 Pointed Star 7 Pointed Star 8 Pointed Star Alpha […]

Plants, fruits and flowers often hold some symbolic meaning in folklore, and this holds true with religious art as well. Quite a few flowers, fruits and other plants have developed symbolic meanings i

  There is no limit on what may be used as a symbol. As a result many of the objects mentioned in the Bible or used in church have become symbols over time. Many of these designs only reference the events where they were used, but there are exceptions. To keep things somewhat simple, I’ve […]
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