Pit Bull Drawing Step by Step

Pit Bull (or Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, Bulldog, Pitdog, Yankee Terrier) is an American working dog breed of broad specialization. In the past times it was used for dog fighting, bear hunting and guarding the owner. Nowadays, it serves in the police and customs, and with proper training, it has become a loyal and reliable family pet.

“Pit Bull Terrier” means “fighting bull terrier”, in which the English word “pit” is translated as “pit”. The dog has been called many different names in the past, but it is the “pit bull terrier” that is considered the official breed name.
The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) is a medium-sized, sturdily built dog with phenomenal physical endurance and strong-willed character, for the breed typically increased excitement and fighting mood. It has a pronounced tendency to zoo aggression, has excellent guarding abilities.

Appearance. Athletic physique with well-developed muscles. Ears are allowed to be bought, but the tail is never accepted.
Height and weight. Boys are slightly larger and heavier than girls. The height at the withers of the male is 46-53 cm; body weight varies between 16-27 kg. The bitch’s height at the withers is 43-51 cm!

The pit bull has a reputation for being a vicious and hostile dog. His anger is mainly manifested towards other animals and people who form excellent relationships because the breed is inherently highly human-oriented.
Pit Bull Drawing is fun, develops your mind, and gives you the savvy to complete the task! The APBT is a multifaceted dog by temperament, in which opposite things are combined:

  • impeccable warrior qualities and equanimity,
  • wisdom and childish mischief.

In the home, environment behaves quietly and friendly. She needs attention and contact with the household, with whom she is constantly affectionate and gentle. The owner adores, feels the strongest affection for him and remains faithful to the end of his life while never trying to take precedence over him.

The intellectual abilities of the pit bull are very well developed, but he prefers to control his emotions, so it isn’t easy to get him off balance. To the minor members of the family, treats are incredibly tender and careful. Perfectly aware of his physical strength, he voluntarily takes on the responsibility of a child’s protector.

However, leaving the dog with the baby unattended should not be left alone because the child can carelessly offend the pet, provoking him to defensive aggression. The relationship of the pit bull to other pets is particular! Even the most well-mannered and obedient pit bull terrier, which at first glance gets along well with a cat, at the genetic level retains intense aggression towards any representatives of the zoo world. A pit bull is an ideal guardian, but the guardian is mediocre

Let’s get to Pit Bull Drawing immediately!

Pit Bull Drawing Easy

pit bull drawing

Step 1

pit bull drawing

We draw two circles, one small and one large; this wakes up the base of the body of our pit bull.

Step 2

pit bull drawing

We connect two parts of the body of the pit bull with parallel lines

Step 3

pit bull drawing

Draw the legs and ears of the pit bull

Step 4

pit bull drawing

Draw a Pit Bull’s Mouth and Nose

Step 5

pit bull drawing

We draw the back of the body of our formidable dog

Step 6

pit bull drawing

We finish the hind legs and draw a clear outline of the pit bull’s body.

Step 7

pit bull drawing

Erase unnecessary lines at the base of the body of the pit bull

Step 8

pit bull drawing

Making the body more visible

Step 9

pit bull drawing

We decorate our pit bull in dark colors

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