Potion Drawing Step by Step

Potions practically existed in all times: ancient times, ancient times, medieval times, and new times. In literature, there are echoes of the history of potions. In many ancient sources, there are references to magic potions ointments; an example is Medea, daughter of the king of Colchis Eetes and Oceanides Idia; she is also a sorceress who learned to prepare potions and, with the help of one of them, she put the dragon to sleep.

Recall the ancient author, Homer, in the Iliad, tells how the goddess Hera lubricates herself with ambrosia to ascend to her husband Zeus on Mount Ida; Homer is surprised at how the goddess “through the highest cliff and never once touching the ground” flew up with extraordinary speed.

From the Celtic myths, you will probably know the magician and sage Merlin, as well as the fairy Morgana; these are, if I’m not mistaken, English legends, so she had the gift of healing and other abilities, too. Their abilities in potions were famous for the Druids, not without reason. They were called the keepers of knowledge; the Egyptian priests possessed many, still unsolved, secrets of potions, shamans, witches, witch doctors, and many others.

Potion Drawing is an interesting and exciting activity; the main thing is to follow our recommendations!  Note that women mainly possessed the art of potion-making, hence the spread of herbalists, healers, and herbalists. Unfortunately, not all the ancient knowledge in this area reached our time, all because herbalists passed their knowledge orally from generation to generation, and they protected and stored it well. Loss of expertise in this area resulted from unsuccessful experiences; many healers and herbalists died from poisonous plants or failed experiments and did not have time to pass their knowledge to the world.

The history of potions is rooted in the deep past, but it is worth considering an important stage in history it is 289 BC. Let me explain why. In this landmark year, the first international congress of magicians took place, at which one of the ancient magicians, theoreticians, his name was Azira Ayen, proposed to divide the science of “Sorcery” into other independent sciences. The unified science of “Sorcery” split into branches. From here, the science of Potions came out as well.

It is important to know that in the 16-17 centuries, the period of the deep Middle Ages, when the hunt for witches began, and all those who possessed magic and secret knowledge came the heyday of potions. During this period, potion-making was practiced and developed and became more popular. In other words, it was a period of invention of new potions. In those times, we did various experiments to create new potion recipes—increased attention to alchemy and potions.

Late 17th and early 18th centuries – the emergence of strong magicians in the field of potions. The 18th century is famous for the invention of love potions. I will list the potions of this period: 1754 – the invention of the potion of Memory; 1758 – the invention of the potion of luck or, as it should be called, Felix Felicis; 1782 – love potion Bellatrix, or Amortentia. Late 18th century – the invention of complex potions, negotiable potions, Drink of Living Death, and others. 19th century – the development of necessary and useful potions, the period of complex potions, one such potion, over which the mages fought, werewolf potion for mages who became werewolves. The 20th century, in principle, continued the tradition of potion-making, and then they created a werewolf potion, which, in the 19th century, was beginning to be developed.

Let’s get to potion drawing immediately!

Potion Drawing Easy

Potion Drawing

Step 1

Potion Drawing

Draw the circle of our potion bottle


Step 2

Potion Drawing

Draw a rectangular branch at the top of the circle.

Step 3

Potion Drawing

At the end of this rectangle, we draw an oval.

Step 4

Potion Drawing

Above the big oval, we draw a small oval.

Step 5

Potion Drawing

Draw an oval in the center of the circle.

Step 6

Potion Drawing

In the center of our potion bottle, draw a branch in the form of a semi-oval.

Step 7

Potion Drawing

Draw the neck of our potion bottle.

Step 8

Potion Drawing

Add the details of the inside of our potion bottle.

Step 9

Potion Drawing

Coloring our potion bottle

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