T Shirt Drawing Step by Step

A hundred years ago, wearing a T-shirt outside the house was considered a mauve’s, but today, it is impossible to imagine either men’s or women’s closet without it. How the T-shirt became fashionable – our historical excursion. Today, the T-shirt is the most universal and democratic closet item. Although dictionaries often define it as “a sleeveless knitted sports shirt,” we wear a T-shirt not only in the fitness room or for jogging.

In the history of the T-shirt, it is impossible to identify a stage during which it would be used only for sports! And with soccer, its name was associated only with the Russian language … But about everything in order. “Progenitor” T-shirts are considered men’s overalls – a one-piece item used as underwear, buttoned, with long sleeves and pants. In the XIX century, the overalls were divided into upper and lower parts. The resulting shirt later evolved into what is now called “T-shirt” in English.
Although the T-shirt in its modern form appeared not so long ago, history still needs to preserve the name of its inventor. Yes, and about the moment of its appearance, there are disputes. According to one version, the “birth date” of the T-shirt can be considered 1913: a model of undershirt without buttons and collar, with short sleeves, appeared. At first, it was worn by marines and submariners.

According to another version, the shirt became such when it was named “T-shirt,” “T-shirt.” The collarless, short-sleeved cotton sweatshirt was so named because its shape resembles the letter “T.” The name appeared in the 1920s and was almost immediately recorded by dictionaries.

During the Second World War, the “Ashoka” as part of the uniform became widespread – now it became an element of the uniform not only of the navy but of all Western armies. Life magazine added to its popularity in 1942, placing a photo of a cadet at the Air Force Rifle School in Las Vegas wearing such a T-shirt on one of its covers.

When soldiers returned home after the war, they continued to wear the “Ashoka” and “civilian.” Working-class people also wore the shirt. Becoming immensely popular, “Ashoka” was a symbol of unity, masculinity, and labor; strong was the memory of it as part of the military uniform. However, this item of clothing in the closet could not yet be called fashionable.

T Shirt Drawing Easy

T Shirt Drawing

Step 1

First, draw a little rectangle to make it simple to draw the t-shirt.
T Shirt Drawing

Step 2

Draw a circle from the top center of the rectangle so that a horizontal line divides it into two even halves.
T Shirt Drawing

Erase the rectangle line inside the circle.

T Shirt Drawing
The top of the circle is also erased, being careful not to damage any parts of the t-shirt.
T Shirt Drawing

Step 3

The edges of the neckline to the sides draw two lines diagonally, as well as the back of the neckline.
T Shirt Drawing

Step 4

The right shape
Let’s move on to drawing the shape of the t-shirt. Draw a slightly curved line from the shoulder down, which flattens downward but does not touch the side of the square.

T Shirt Drawing

Draw the same line on the other side.
T Shirt Drawing

Step 5

Unnecessary lines
Since we have already outlined the T-shirt, carefully erase the square.

T Shirt Drawing

Step 6

Bottom line
Now, we erase the bottom line.
T Shirt Drawing

Step 7

Shape the sleeves. Draw an irregular rectangle from the left side to the shoulders.

T Shirt Drawing

Draw the same pattern on the other side. Make sure that the sleeves are of the same size.
T Shirt Drawing

Step 8

The bottom line of the T-shirt could be more perfectly straight. Draw it slightly curved by connecting the edges of the garment.
T Shirt Drawing

Step 9

Draw a line around the collar at a small distance.
T Shirt Drawing

The same lines are around the edges of the sleeves.
T Shirt Drawing
The last line is at the bottom of the shirt.
T Shirt Drawing

Step 10

Every T-shirt is always perfectly flat. There are always small indentations. Picture them as little curved lines around the edges.
T Shirt Drawing

Step 11

The last details are the lines above the sleeve and bottom rims.
T Shirt Drawing

Step 12

T Shirt Drawing


We offer you one option for coloring the shirt, but maybe your kid will come up with another option. You can even draw some patterns on the garment.


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