Tractor Drawing Step by Step

Tractor Drawing in 3 variants will tell in this article! A tractor is a straightforward machine that pulls some load. However, it is a high-tech product, without which it is impossible to imagine working in many industries. Tractors are used in various applications: from utilities and road construction to forestry and agriculture. The reason for such popularity of the machine is its high traction properties. In other words, it can move at a certain speed due to drag factors.

How does it works, and why it’s important? A tractor is not an independent machine – other implements or trailers are permanently attached to it, such as a plow or potato harvester. A result is a complex machine that performs a specific type of work. The tractor acts as an energy source, i.e., it “pulls” the attached implement.

However, not only the tractor’s pulling ability is essential, but also its versatility and the ability to work with a wide range of equipment. Due to this, the machine can be used to solve the most diverse tasks. And yet the central sphere of tractor application is agriculture, so we will focus on this industry.

Tractor Drawing is a relaxed and fun activity. Most importantly, follow our advice!

Tractor Anatomy

In the design of the tractor can be distinguished several main components:

The engine is the source of mechanical energy;

The transmission transmits this energy to the drive wheels;

Rear and front attachments are used to connect the tractor with farm implements;

The hydraulic system makes it possible to control the tools (e.g., makes them unfold, raise, and lower);
rear and front power take-offs provide the drive for implements with active implements, i.e., they transfer part of the energy to the attached equipment;

The operator controls the tractor and equipment from the cab (in regions where there is no need to hide from changeable weather, tractors with an open workplace are sometimes used);

In some cases, the leading systems and mechanisms are on the frame, but more often, it is structural elements such as the engine and transmission housings that take over the functions of the structure;

Using digital data buses, the electrical system makes it possible to link all the electronic control units of the various systems together.

Electronic control systems distinguish the modern tractor from its predecessors in many ways. In the past, tractor drivers controlled various systems through physical action, usually muscular force. For example, they would move the transmission control lever so that the mechanism inside would change configuration and engage the desired gear.

Now the same work is done under the control of electronic systems. Operators use a switch to send a signal to the electronic control units, which process the request and actuate the necessary mechanisms. For example, in a modern tractor, the electrical signal goes to the transmission control unit, giving the command to engage the desired gear.

Suppose you go even further back in time, back to the very beginnings of tractor construction. In that case, it becomes clear that today’s tractor is about as different from the first models as a modern car is from a self-propelled baby carriage. The purpose and general features of the design – frame, steering wheel, four wheels, and engine – remain the same. Still, the execution level of technical solutions and the number of systems have become entirely different.

Tractors are now made of new materials, equipped with electronics and intelligent solutions, including precision farming. So a person who drives a modern tractor is more of an operator than a tractor driver. However, in part, the specialist’s work has become easier: now, the tractor can tell the operator this or that decision by itself.

Let’s start tractor drawing right away!

Tractor Drawing Easy (option 1)

Tractor Drawing

Step 1

Draw a rectangle for the base of the tractor

Tractor Drawing

Step 2

Draw another rectangle at the top right

Tractor Drawing

Step 3

We draw the windows of our tractor in the upper rectangle.

Tractor Drawing

Step 4

Making the base of the tractor more planned

Tractor Drawing

Step 5

We draw the exhaust pipe and headlights of the tractor

Tractor Drawing

Step 6

We draw the base of the wheels of the tractor

Tractor Drawing

Step 7

We finish the tractor bolts on the wheels

Step 8

Colored the Tractor


Tractor Drawing Simple (option 2)

Tractor Drawing

If you don’t know how to draw, this example is written primarily for you! A simple step-by-step diagram is sure to help you draw your first tractor.
First, we draw two circles and a rectangular body.
tractor drawing easy
Draw the outline of the cab and the elements of the wheels to your future tractor.
tractor drawing easy
Let’s add a ladder to the driver’s cab, bolts on the wheel rims, and an exhaust pipe to the drawing.
tractor drawing easy
There is little more detail left in the drawing! Let’s add the front grille, draw the cab roof, and the tread pattern on the wheels.
tractor drawing easy
Color it in different colors.
Tractor Drawing
Also, we strongly recommend watching a video lesson on drawing this example. The lively process of drawing will help you learn faster!

Tractor Drawing Funny (option 3)

tractor drawing simple

So, let’s look at the lesson of drawing a tractor section by section:

1. First, let’s draw a rectangle in the center of the sheet, then the roof (short line), a big circle on the bottom right (back wheel), and a small circle on the bottom left (front wheel). All of this is shown in Fig.
As you can see, everything is simple here. But it is still better to use a simple pencil so that, if necessary, you can remove unnecessary lines.

tractor drawing simple

2. Now, the second step is to remove the two lines inside the big circle with the eraser and the line inside the small circle. She was drawing inside of the wheels without tires. Let’s also add the front bumper and cutouts in the body.

tractor drawing simple

3. The third step is also not very difficult – we finish drawing the tractor tires, connect the roof with the body, and create the tractor driver cabin. Drawing the headlight and exhaust pipe above the engine.

tractor drawing simple

4. That’s all. The tractor can paint in any color. You need to know that the tires are black, the headlight is yellow, and the taillight is red.

tractor drawing simple

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