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Lantern Drawing Step by Step

Lantern Drawing

Lantern drawing in 2 variants will tell in this article! History of the development of street lighting first mention goes back to 1417 in London on the instructions of the mayor posted the first street lamps; in the early 16th century in Paris, the inhabitants of the city were obliged …

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Wine Glass Drawing Step by Step

Wine Glass Drawing

Wine Glass Drawing in 2 variants will be told in this article! The shape of the glass is not a whim of the glass manufacturer but the result of a long search for the magic balance that will allow the wine to show itself in all its glory. Different wine …

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Tractor Drawing Step by Step

Tractor Drawing

Tractor Drawing in 3 variants will tell in this article! A tractor is a straightforward machine that pulls some load. However, it is a high-tech product, without which it is impossible to imagine working in many industries. Tractors are used in various applications: from utilities and road construction to forestry …

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How To Draw a Bus Step by Step

How To Draw a Bus

How to draw a bus in 2 variants will tell in this article! The name bus itself is derived from the abbreviation of the word combination omnibus car. The word omnibus, in turn, comes from the Latin omnibus – “all.” The history of this vehicle, which transports millions of people …

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Starfish Drawing Step by Step

Starfish Drawing

Starfish Drawing in 4 variants will tell in this article! Starfish are animals with unusual body shapes and various colors, which immediately attract the attention of explorers of the starfish. Rare photos of oceanic beauties often go without these creatures, ranging in size from 2 cm to 1 m. Their …

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How To Draw a Volleyball Step by Step

how to draw a volleyball

How to draw a volleyball in 2 variants will tell in this article! Volleyball is a sport played almost all over the world and has been around since 1859. Two teams occupy places on their respective halves of the field, divided in half by a net at a certain height. …

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Tooth Drawing Step by Step

Tooth Drawing

Tooth Drawing in 2 variants will tell in this article! Teeth play an essential role in the human body. Originally, human teeth were large and performed one primary task – grinding food (often complex and coarse). But with the development of man and society, dental units began to be regarded …

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How to Draw a Tank Step by Step

How to Draw a Tank in 2 variants will be described in this article! The word “tank,” known today to every preschool child, appeared accidentally. This word recently turned precisely 100 years old. Where did it come from, and what were the first tanks like? Like many other types of …

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Flowers in a Vase Drawing Step by Step

flowers in a vase drawing

Flowers in a vase drawing in 3 variants will tell in this article! It is believed that the vase’s history dates back to the existence of ancient clay vessels used to store wine and edibles. Later, vase vessels began to be made of precious metals such as silver and gold, …

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Spaceship Drawing Step by Step

Spaceship Drawing

Spaceship drawing in 3 variants will tell in this article! The spaceship can be unmanned, automatic, or manned. An unmanned spaceship is controlled from the ground or makes a path laid down in its program, and most often these two types of control are combined. A manned ship, in addition, …

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