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Crystal drawing Step by Step

Crystal drawing

Crystal drawing in 5 options will be described in this article! CRYSTALS – substances in which the smallest particles (atoms, ions, or molecules) are “packed” in a particular order. As a result, during crystal growth, flat faces spontaneously appear on their surface, and the crystals themselves take a diverse geometric …

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Lamb Drawing Step by Step

Lamb Drawing

Drawing a lamb in 3 versions is awakened in this article! There is a theory that the term “lamb” is derived from the Latin word “agnus”. That is what these animals were called in ancient Rome many centuries ago. From this word came the name “lamb,” which is also called …

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Carrot drawing Step by Step

Carrot drawing

Carrot drawing in 3 options will be described in this article! This is amazing, but carrots are one of the oldest vegetable plants; people have been using it for four thousand years. The homeland of carrots with reddish root crops is the Mediterranean, and with purple, white, yellow – Afghanistan …

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Raven Drawing Step By Step

Raven Drawing

Raven drawing 4 options will be described in this article! Raven is a rather exciting and intelligent bird; you can meet it on the street almost every day. According to an independent assessment of scientists, her intelligence is equivalent to the intelligence of a dog or a parrot. In cartoons, …

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How to draw a bull Step by Step

How to draw a bull

How to draw a bull in 4 versions will be described in this article! Not all aspiring artists know how to draw a bull. But, fortunately, in this task, there is nothing complicated. The main thing is to remember that bulls are quite large creatures, often prone to very aggressive …

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Avocado drawing Step by Step

Avocado drawing

Avocado drawing in 2 versions will be described in this article! Avocado is an unusual fruit resembling a pear. Outside it is covered with thick green skin, and in the middle, there is one large bone. The pulp has a pale yellow tint and tastes like butter with a nutty …

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Anchor drawing Step by Step

Anchor drawing in 4 different ways will be covered in this article. Anchor, which itself turns over to a horn when pulling a rope, was invented in the East 2 thousand years BC. e. Such anchors made first entirely of wood, and later with lead rods, have become widespread in …

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How to draw sailor moon Step by Step

How to draw sailor moon

How to draw sailor moon in 3 versions will be written in this article! The moon in human faces – one of the most beautiful characters. The human image of the moon is our amazing sailor moon! Drawing it is very simple; the main thing is to follow our instructions …

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Mushroom drawing Step By Step

Mushroom drawing

Mushroom drawing in 4 versions will be described in this article! How to draw mushrooms in stages with a pencil. In this lesson, we’ll try to draw mushrooms easily. There are many types of edible mushrooms and not consumable, but they are all drawn almost identically. How exactly they are …

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Pine cone drawing Step by Step

pine cone drawing

Pine cone drawings will be covered in 5 variations in this article! In ancient times, the Pine cone symbolized courage, fertility, and immortality. A bump is nothing but the fruit of a Pine. This fruit ripens on a tree for more than one year and throughout its entire life, gains …

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