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Women drawing Step by Step

Women drawing

Women drawing in 3 versions we will tell in this exciting lesson! In this lesson, we will gradually draw a portrait of a beautiful women with a pencil. We will learn to build a face, determine proportions, and apply chiaroscuro with strokes! Before you begin to draw a portrait of …

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How to draw Vines Step by Step

How to Draw Vines

How to draw vines in 3 step-by-step versions will be described in this article! Grapes – a perennial stunted fruiting plant that requires care. The grapefruit is berries of spherical elongated and curved shape ranging in size from 10 to 45 mm. They are collected in clusters, which can be …

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Daisy drawing Step By Step

daisy drawing

Daisy drawing in 4 different ways we will talk in this article! Daisy – elegant, colorful, as well as unpretentious perennial flower. They call this charm differently: button, pearl, daisy. This is not to say that it is challenging to grow daisies in the open field, but not everyone succeeds …

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Pyramid drawing Step by Step

Pyramid drawing

Pyramid drawing in 5 different variants we will tell in this article! Pyramids remain one of the most popular tourist sites. They amaze with their greatness. Ideally, straight lines and angles make one doubt that human hands could create such a structure. Pyramids often appear in the paintings of artists. …

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Hedgehog drawing Step by Step

Hedgehog drawing

Hedgehog drawing 5 options will be described in this article! Hedgehogs are cute and exciting forest animals, of course, they are slow and a little clumsy, but they all love. When the day comes, the hedgehog climbs into its nest and sleeps until the evening, if it feels dangerous, it …

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Volcano drawing step by step

Volcano drawing

Volcano drawing in 4 versions will be described in this article! Let’s start by understanding what a volcano is? Volcano (on behalf of the ancient Roman god of fire Vulcan) – the formation on the surface of the Earth (or other planets), from which magma flows under the influence of …

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How to draw a fairy in stages with a pencil

how to draw a fairy

Today we will learn how to draw a fairy with a pencil in 6 options. Fairy is a mythological creature that came to us from Western European folklore; stories about her were passed from mouth to mouth. It was believed that a pretty sorceress is capable of various tricky tricks: …

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Crystal drawing Step by Step

Crystal drawing

Crystal drawing in 5 options will be described in this article! CRYSTALS – substances in which the smallest particles (atoms, ions, or molecules) are “packed” in a particular order. As a result, during crystal growth, flat faces spontaneously appear on their surface, and the crystals themselves take a diverse geometric …

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Lamb Drawing Step by Step

Lamb Drawing

Drawing a lamb in 3 versions is awakened in this article! There is a theory that the term “lamb” is derived from the Latin word “agnus”. That is what these animals were called in ancient Rome many centuries ago. From this word came the name “lamb,” which is also called …

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Carrot drawing Step by Step

Carrot drawing

Carrot drawing in 3 options will be described in this article! This is amazing, but carrots are one of the oldest vegetable plants; people have been using it for four thousand years. The homeland of carrots with reddish root crops is the Mediterranean, and with purple, white, yellow – Afghanistan …

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